Lois V. Walker    poet

As a poet and visual artist,

I am always exploring ways

to express the world as I experience it.

“If a wild assortment of found objects and twine can have a meaningful impact on the viewer, I have succeeded just as much as when I write a good poem or paint a picture that resonates. All materials are incredibly exciting. Although I started with words as a poet, my visual work with oil and acrylic, oil sticks and pastels, wood, hardware, copper wire, found objects, has challenged my imagination increasingly. They all help me find a way to share my world with the reader/observer. Hopefully, I allow each material in play to speak with its own unique power. The seduction of color, line, shapes  and paint itself keeps me working.

“It is an adventure that never ends.”


      Lois V. Walker

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Lois V. Walker  painter     sculptor      poet

Art photography by LISA HERMANSON